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For the Love of Stories


​Minister of Marriage and Justice of the Peace

I grew up in a time of real cameras and photos albums. I was obsessed with packing my albums with 4x6 prints and making sure they were all in chronological order. I just loved the idea of a shelf packed with memories that served as the library of your life.

When I got married, over 14 years ago, I began using video to create these stories. We developed a tradition of creating Year In Review movies and watching them every New Year's Day. In doing this, I became the family historian. Today, with my husband, our 10 year old daughter and two dogs, life can be pretty busy —  that makes saving these memories more important than ever!

When I realized that this story of the three of us, started on the day my husband and I married, that's when I knew I needed to be in the midst of the first story — your wedding day! It’s my passion for telling these stories that led me to create custom wedding ceremonies based on your love story.

I can't wait to hear your story! Use the links below to check if your wedding date is available or schedule a call with me today!

Kathy Vass and family

Family Selfie

Matt and I on our wedding day, June 2008

Kathy and husband, Matt
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