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Welcome them to your World !


Our lives consist of many milestones. As we evolve and transition from one chapter to another, there are various rituals and celebrations we use to mark the occasion. Blowing out birthday candles, donning a graduation cap, or exchanging wedding rings are just a few of these universal customs.


A Naming Ceremony is a beautiful way to recognize and welcome someone into a community. A name is such a powerful part of our identity. Whether given at birth or chosen by us, our name is personal and special. It’s the first step to introducing ourselves to the world and allowing the world to get to know us in return.


With a Naming Ceremony you can:

  • Welcome a newborn baby

  • Unite a blended family

  • Introduce your adopted child

  • Celebrate your new identity


As your Celebrant, we’ll work together to make sure that the ceremony is personalized to the honoree. While some of these ideas have roots in religious faith, like a baptism, bris or zeved habit, you can add whatever level of spirituality is right and best for you — even if that means none at all.


Everything is created to represent you and your beliefs. We can include “guard- or guideparents” in a ceremony and add special touches like a live name scribing or letter box time capsule. What’s most important is that you feel like there’s a ceremony out there that exists just for you, allowing you to enter into that next exciting chapter with nothing but support and joy!

Get Started on Planning Your Naming Ceremony Today!
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