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Missed a few networking newsletters? Then you've missed out on some
great pros and businesses that could be helpful to connect with!
Read up on past issues here. Scroll through or download from the links below.

September 2018: Meet The JPs!


October 2018:
Michael John Valenti, DJ and JP
Jennifer Conley, The Fairy Glamother


November 2018:
Liz Dederer, Selling With Service
Kim Kasparian, The Success Genie


December 2018:
Sandra Ring Photography
Will and Kate Photography


January 2019:
Erin Boardman Wathen,
Author "Why Can't I Stick to My Diet?"

Cindi Melkerson: Arbonne


February 2019: Feng Shui Joan's Way

March 2019:
Judith O'Connor:
Kiss Your Therapist Goodbye ASAP

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