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I recently discovered a bunch on-line communities specifically created for sharing your origin story. I love a good “How We Met” story. Sometimes, a couple meets without even realizing they’ve just met the person they’re going to marry. In this story I just read on, Josh and Crissy were dating for three years before they discovered that they had actually met as children at Crissy’s birthday party when she was 7 years old — and it was all caught on home video!

As the story goes, Chrissy was having a birthday party at a Chuck E Cheese in Orlando, Florida. Josh’s father was a regional manager and, on this day, he was called to this particular location to fill in. He also took Josh with him so he could enjoy all the unlimited pizza and game tokens while his father worked. In the video, we see Josh’s father bringing out the cake for Chrissy and family while 12 year old Josh skips behind him! Chrissy remembers the nice boy who gave her some of his extra tokens for a few more rounds of skee ball.

Here’s the best part. By the time Josh and Chrissy met as adults, his father had passed away so Chrissy never got to meet him. When they discovered this video, they realized that it was the only video they had of his father. Josh got to see his Dad again and in the same video with his future wife!!

I just to chills.

Today the happy couple are still together, have a son of their own and joke about throwing him a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese.

Read Chrissy’s full account of the story here:

If you’re a sucker for a great story like this, neat coincidences, crossing of paths and other tales of fate or destiny, check out these other awesome how we met sites. this site also has a partner page after you’re enaged called:, with planning resources.

Please share your story - I’d love to hear it. Though I suppose it’s not fair for me to ask without sharing mine as well. So here goes:

Matt and I met through mutual friends in the fall of 2005. We were both recruited to help our friends move out of their apartment and into a house. At the time, Matt was the friend with a truck so he was always getting roped into these occasions. I was actually living next door to the couple (Kari & Bryce) and while they had mentioned their friend, Matt, in conversation many times, I had never met him until that day.

We crossed paths for the first time while I was helping to unload all the kitchen cabinets. There were some leftover things on the top shelf that I couldn’t reach so as Matt was entering the room, I asked him if he would mind reaching them for me.

Now you have to imagine, standing at 6 feet 8 inches tall, Matt is used to people asking him for help with things on high shelves but he always good about it. Perhaps an attempt at flirtation, he began to give me a hard time about my request. He squatted down real low next to the counter, looking up at me - “Who me? But I’m just a little guy. I can’t see what’s up there.”

I think my reaction was a mix of feeling bad I might have offended him - using him for his height - and annoyed that he wasn’t helping me. Don’t all the best boy/girl interactions start with mild teasing?! But we managed to get along the rest of the day and help our friend finish the move. Later, I found out that he asked his friend, Bryce, about me and if I was seeing someone. Bryce warned Matt I had just had another relationship come to a very difficult end so he cautioned him to proceed slowly.

And that’s just what he did. Over the next few months, Matt and I got to know each other in the safety of the friend zone - lots of hanging out with friends, many emails, and late night texts. By the end of the year, I invited him to my New Year’s Eve Party and he brought me strawberry shortcakes, a childhood favorite my grandfather used to make.

(Pictured above: Matt in the background at my NYE party, us together at his birthday dinner the following March and us starting our silly selfies.)

While I was very nervous about getting into another relationship so soon, Matt would just simply say “I found something good and I don’t see a reason for me to go anywhere.”

To this day, that single thought is one of my favorite memories about our beginning and one of the many reasons why I love my husband and feel so grateful that he walked into that kitchen over 13 years ago.


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