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With September and the new school year well on it's way, I got to thinking this week about school events, our kids and capturing all our memories. Kids are involved in activities from after school sports, to plays to dances and on and on. Life can get so busy and it can be hard to find the balance between living in the moment and capturing that moment in pictures and video for future years.

I tackled this topic during my Facebook live earlier this week so here's the edited down version to recap. In it, I give my thoughts and simple strategies to help you find the balance between recording your child's big events and also just sitting back and enjoying them! Highlights include:

  • Record your memories: Pics and Video! (0:49)

  • Just a snap shot: 20-30 sec of video is enough (3:55)

  • Turn Your Phone - videos should always be horizontal! (4:42)

  • Back everything up! - Transfer everything to a cloud service or your computer regularly! (6:09)

This is the video I referenced towards the end of the live broadcast. (8:24) My, Ellie, probably two, seeing fireworks for the first time. I'm glad I have this video, but I'll never forget this moment. And as you can see, it's only 23 seconds long. You don't need much for a whole story to come flooding back to life!

All my best with no stress! And Happy School Year to all your kids and parents!


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