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She chewed my photo books!

So this happened. And it was bound to happen sooner or later.

We've had Wilma, our terrier mix, for three months and she's been a dream. She's a chewer and a digger but she's also a puppy for that's to be expected. Providing her a good supply of antlers, making time for walks and play with our other dog, nine year old Ginger, has definitely helped quell the craziness.

We've been feeling so lucky that we've been a little lax in crating her when we're out of the house. Instead, we have been fencing her inside a large tiled sun room with Ginger so they can keep each other company. A fence, mind you, that they are both able to jump over whenever they want.

So while there have been chewed pencils and "presents" left in the living room for us to find on our return from outings, there hasn't been anything of great value attacked. Til now.

Watch my FB live recap, hear about how Wilma found my photo books, and how I chose to take this sad moment and turn it into a smile. #attitiudeofgratitude

As you embark on the holiday season, I invite you all to remember all the good things you have in your life, bring them into the new year with you, stay positive and keep creating beautiful chapters in that great, big story.

Happy Holidays!

All my best, with no stress! -Kathy

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