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While working in busy corporate America, Wendy DiCarlo saw firsthand how poor in nutrition the cafeteria food options were and how seldom employees take the opportunity to be active. Frustrated by this, she began to modify her own diet and starting walking at lunchtime with other co-workers quickly following her lead.

Inspired and motivated to do more, Wendy left the office life behind with the intent to learn more about integrative nutrition. She discovered how simple lifestyle changes effect the mind, body and soul. In March of 2019, she became a health coach as a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Today she is working towards obtaining her Master’s in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport.

As a health coach, Wendy has an unique mission: to help those who help others. Whether you’re a caregiver of a spouse, aging parent or young children, often times your own self care is placed behind the well-being of others. Working with Wendy allows these individuals to realize that when they take care of themselves, they’ll be at their absolute best to take care of those they love most.

A caregiver herself, Wendy played a key role in helping her husband, Rich, after his weight loss surgery. During this time, she realized how burnt out she had become and that only by taking better care of herself would she be able to help ensure the success of her husband’s surgery. Through making simply changes in their daily food choices, she helped him adjust to life after surgery and reduce the severity of his diabetes. To date, Rich has lost 170 pounds and has kept it off thanks to the healthy lifestyle he and Wendy created together.

For her clients, Wendy has developed a personalized program to help individuals achieve that healthier lifestyle. With two 1-hour sessions a month, you’ll focus on:

  • Setting and accomplishing goals

  • Exploring new foods

  • Reducing your cravings while increasing your energy

  • Feeling better about your body and so much more!

As I sat with Wendy and chatted about her journey, it’s clear to see how passionate she is about her work and how much she cares about people. This is the type of person you’ll need to partner with; a personal guide towards your goal of better health.

In this fast-paced world, we often sacrifice health for speed and convenience, choosing the pick-up window over the fresh-picked produce. Through working with Wendy, you’ll learn that eating doesn’t have to be boring, limiting or time consuming. Slow, purposeful changes can and will make a huge difference over time. And when these small changes add up, you’ll see results that will last because you’ve changed not only your food, but your behavior, habits and mind set too!

Learn more about Wendy DiCarlo online at or follow her on facebook at:

All my best with no stress!


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