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Our Mission:

A Ceremony with Story and Heart

I am a secular minister, ordained by American Marriage Ministries, an IRS 501c3 certified Church that empowers individuals to perform marriages. I chose this organization because I deeply respect and
agree with it's three major tenets:

  1. All people, regardless of race, gender, or
    sexual orientation, have the right to marry.

  2. It is the right of every couple to choose
    who will solemnize their marriage.

  3. All people have the right to solemnize marriage.

Personally, I was raised Roman Catholic but consider myself more
of a spiritual person as an adult. In creating ceremonies, we'll include whatever level of spirituality suits you best, even none at all.


I am also a Justice of the Peace in the state of Connecticut.
The benefit to having both qualifications is I can officiate in other states, like New York or Rhode Island, as well.

What I'm mainly interested in is your story and helping you experience a wedding ceremony that puts you at the heart and center of the day! We can incorporate your special traditions,
honor specific family members and welcome speakers to make
this moment perfect.

I offer a few different packages and we can always craft something custom to fit your needs. Schedule a call with me today and let's create your perfect ceremony together!


Your story, the chapters that led you to this wedding day, is the foundation for your life together. Along with every moment that comes next, you create your legacy. 

Years from now, when you're married twenty, forty years or more, your feelings remain strong while the details may become blurry. 
By recording your story now, you capture all the details; the big moments and the little things.


With this recording, relive those stories, hear what dreams and goals you had when you were younger, the silly things you used to do, and remind yourself how you promised to put each other first and what you would do to make it all work. This gift to yourselves is priceless.

Kathrine Vass, Justice of the Peace Connecticut

Kathy Vass, Ordained Minister and
Connecticut Justice of the Peace

Maureen and Pat: Video Interview Clip

Jessica and Kris: Audio Interview Clip

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