When I create a movie, my primary focus is always the story. When promoting your business, who you are is just as important as what you do. When you make a real connection, closing the client becomes that much easier. With so much competition, pictures on your web site aren’t enough to set you apart.  When I do an interview shoot with a business owner, we delve into the heart of why they do what they do. What calls you to do this work? And what makes you their best choice?


​​This promo was created for a two-day workshop for business owners. During that time, they learned what it means to Speak Your Value and Own Your Worth. This video was used on social media outlets to increase awareness around the event and direct them how to register. Because of this is promotion, the event was completely sold out!


​​A "Holyshift" is the moment when you have a startling realization that causes you to take new action and change your life. This is the first promo we did for sales and money coach, Liz Dederer. Residing on her company's home page, this video helped Liz convert interested parties into signed and long term clients. 


“Kathy is the creative genius behind all of my marketing videos! I saw a promo video I LOVED, showed her the concept, and she took that and created something super powerful and unique for me! Once I saw what she was capable of – my wheels started spinning!  

I hired Kathy to create the promo for this workshop. She came to my house, set up shop, asked me questions and turned my ramblings into a creative, engaging and powerful marketing video!


Between the #HOLYSHIFT video [see below], a client testimonial AND the workshop video, I have generated over $20,000 in NEW business from people who watched the videos, connected with me AND my message, and basically hired me on the spot!”
— Liz Dederer, Selling with Service

When you promote with video you can:

• Personally greet your customer on your web site

• Reach new audiences on social media

• Incite people to take action or attend an event

• Attract support for a cause related to your business

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